So many people out there don’t understand the benefits of protein powder when taken on a regular basis. The best protein powders, like VMI Sports’ ProtoLyte 100% Whey Isolate, can actually help you gain muscle and improve lean body mass. With a quality whey isolate, your favorite perfect shaker bottle, and some good old H2O you’ll be able to easily create a delicious flavored protein shake to provide your muscles with the fuel they need to promote growth.

Benefits of Protein Powder

  • Taking a protein supplement aids in the production of muscle mass when used in conjunction with exercise.
  • Drinking a high-quality whey isolate regularly helps the body create cellular messengers, enzymes, hormones, immune system components, and nucleic acid.
  • Protein powder benefits your body by effectively putting together the structures cells are composed of.
  • Your muscles need protein in order to recover after each workout. Without it, you could begin to overtrain and increase your risk of injury. Adding a whey protein shake to your workout routine helps to lower this risk.

VMI Sports’ Protein Powder Flavors

Their great tasting, high-quality whey protein gives you all the benefits of protein powder in delicious flavors you can enjoy. VMI Sports manufactures some of the most unique and delicious protein powder flavors out there, including: chocolate fudge cookie, chocolate peanut butter, orange dreamsicle, snickerdoodle, strawberry, vanilla cake batter, and vanilla peanut butter.