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The Train Naked Difference

We strive to make the very best products – with great flavor and potent and effective formulas you actually feel – to power you through your workout.

  • Intensity
  • Train Harder
  • Volume
  • Train Longer
  • Focus
  • Train Smarter


A few words about our “FULL DISCLOSURE NUTRITION FACTS”… Train Naked Labs spells out EXACTLY what our active ingredient formulas are in detail – with the exact amount of each of those ingredients in our drinks.

If your current drink uses “Proprietary Blend” – meaning there is one total number for the ingredients followed by a list of ingredients and no number (milligrams) next to each ingredient  – THEY SIMPLY AREN’T TELLING YOU WHAT’S IN THE PRODUCT.  It could be – and often is – micro-dosing to the point of total ineffectiveness; just to be able to add for label fluff.

We – in the industry – have a highly technical term for this practice: FAIRY DUST!  Whether, or not, they use efficacious amounts of each material – you just don’t know…do you???

Train Naked Labs is dedicated to delivering unique formulas that YOU ACTUALLY FEEL.  Our commitment to you is to always provide EFFECTIVE and INNOVATIVE products.

Our products WILL WORK to improve your lifting.  Each product has a specific purpose – but ALL of them have ingredients that will help with your focus (Nootropics) and mental attitude while you’re training.

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue is very important to Train Naked Labs – and we have a mission to make everyone more aware of adopting their pets and give them a good home – and to, otherwise, help animals however we can – donations, petitions, etc.

Lifters are unique individuals – often with quirky personalities that “normal” people just can’t understand.  There are many commonalities – one of the most common is an affinity to pets (especially dogs).  They don’t judge…they love without precondition.

Please consider adopting your next Best Friend!!!  You won’t be sorry!