Dear Europaman,
I’ve heard a lot of buzz around coffee bean extract as the new miracle weight loss supplement. Should I believe the hype? 
– John M., Supplement Store Manager

Dear John,
This always happens. Whenever America’s favorite medical guru, Doctor Oz, endorses a particular supplement on his daytime talk show, it flies off the shelves. But, is there any truth to these magic beans? Let’s take a look.


Can you get the same results just by drinking coffee?

Millions of people drink coffee every day. So why doesn’t a cup of Joe give you the same results? The difference is that coffee beans are roasted at 475 degrees Fahrenheit and that intense heat is what changes the color of the bean from green to brown. Beyond changing the external color, the heat alters the chemical compound of the bean. When coffee is brewed, most of the fat-burning, secret ingredient is lost: the chlorogenic acid.


What does chlorogenic acid do?

Physicians have described chlorogenic acid as a “triple threat” ingredient. For starters, it causes the body to quickly burn glucose (sugar) and it also causes the body to burn fat. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, chlorogenic acid causes the body to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Why is this last point important? Well, it’s simple. If sugar isn’t building up in the blood stream, fat isn’t building up either. Always remember that sugar turns to fat. Period.


What are the results?

In recent studies, individuals who took the full dose lost an average of 18 pounds in just over 20 weeks-and that’s without any additional exercise or nutrition regiments. However, individuals who combined the pure coffee bean extract with eating smart and exercising dropped their body weight by over 10%. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the participants accomplished this on a 2,400 caloric diet and had no side effects. Zip. Zero. Zilch.


Yes, but what about the research?

The good news is that this medical research has actually been tested on humans. In 2012, Dr. Joe Vinson performed a double-blind study at the University of Scranton to help study the health benefits of pure coffee bean extract. The result? Dr. Vinson found that the chlorogenic acid contained in the pure green coffee bean extract reduced the body’s natural absorption of glucose and also lowered the hyperglycemic peak.


Ready to stimulate your sales?

When it comes to selecting supplements, your customers turn to you for expert advice. Especially when supplements promoted through the media seem too good to be true. Customers are skeptical and with good reason. It’s your job to be their knowledge partner.

Studies show that the proper dosage is approximately 500 milligrams taken twice a day before meals with a full glass of water. Call your Europa Sports representative to learn more about the science behind green coffee bean extract.

Next time your customers come rushing in asking for a magic weight loss pill, you may have the closest thing yet.


Source: SBWire

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