Outdoor Athletes

Tough Mudders? Mud runs? Spartans? Savages? The rise of extreme outdoor athletics is undeniably the fastest-growing segment in the endurance fitness industry. If your customers or members have ever participated in (or witnessed) one of these brutal obstacle course events, you know that a certain percentage of contestants never even cross the finish line.


These outdoor events, like the Tough Mudder, can last several hours, for several miles, and involve several thousand competitors. Whether it’s the rugged terrain or the adrenalin wearing off midway through the event, not everyone is capable of completing these extreme endurance courses. Or are they?Danielle

After the first 60 minutes, it’s imperative for athletes to take in electrolytes and refuel the body. That’s why we recommend that participating athletes keep supplements on hand or in their pocket during the event. Sports supplements are an easy solution for the hard core.

Extreme Outdoor Athletes Go the Distance with Sports Nutrition

When going to athletic extremes, proper sports nutrition is paramount for strength and stamina. Most outdoor race athletes put in insane hours of training and complete rigorous workouts prior to the big event. They aren’t about to let their sacrifice, sweat, and tears go to waste-just because they’re hungry, dehydrated, or energy-deficient when it’s time to compete.

Serious endurance athletes rely heavily on proper sports nutrition before, during, and after the competition. It’s a non-negotiable part of their training program. Here’s how even the most physically fit athletes supplement their diets to not only stay on course, but conquer it.


Pre-Event: Pre-Fuel.

Obstacles to overcome: Dehydration and low glycogen levels.
How: Protein shakes, coconut water, protein/energy bars, and sports drinks.

Before the race, hydration is crucial. If you start the race dehydrated, you’re already falling way behind and giving the other athletes a giant head start. The key is to hydrate hours before the event so that your muscles tissues are well hydrated, but your stomach isn’t full and sloshing with water as you run, climb, and crawl.

As for food, eat plenty of carbs to store up the glycogen your body needs. Be sure to also include protein-packed choices, like a protein shake, to help with muscle recovery and carb digestion. Avoid high-fiber choices or you may be at risk for gastrointestinal distress-and that won’t be pleasant when you’re a few miles in. If you’re short on time, a high-carb energy bar made from organic grains and/or fruits with protein can be a powerful option.



Mid-Event: Refuel.

Obstacles to overcome: Loss of hydration and depleted energy levels.
How: Sports drinks, carb-based snacks, energy chews and gels.

Hydration ensures you will get off to a rapid start and prevent cramping up halfway through. If you have pockets and an extra hand, sports drinks, carb-based snacks, and energy gels are the smartest way to refuel on the move. Aid stations are for rookies.


Post-Event: Repair.

Obstacles to overcome: Low glycogen levels and improper muscle repair.
How: Protein bars and drinks, fish oil, sports drinks, and chia seeds.

Replenish with carb-based, protein-packed supplements to help with the repair of damaged muscles. Salty snacks can also help to replace the sodium lost through the buckets of sweat that you just poured out all over the obstacle course. Replace lost fluids by drinking tons of water or guzzling a sports drink. We also recommend that you include omega-3 fatty acids, like fish oil, in your diet to reduce inflammation. Grab a snack made with chia seeds and it may help reduce post-race soreness.

Part Combat Sport.
Part Endurance Race.
Always Grueling.

It takes mental grit to get down in the trenches. Yet, at every event, there are mentally tough competitors who are forced to physically drop out due to self-inflicted cramps, fatigue, and, downright weakness. It just goes to show that without proper sports supplements, poor nutrition can become the most challenging obstacle of all.Hobie

No matter how dirty your customers or members plan to get, a clean approach to sports nutrition will take them farther and make them stronger than training alone. Connect with your Europa Sports sales rep and learn how the right sports nutrition plan can go a long way to fuel performance, endurance, and recovery for the extreme outdoor athletes who rely on your business for products and expertise.

Extreme sports are not for the mentally, emotionally, or physically weak. It’s a race to the finish line that’s located just beyond your maximum limits. Knowing the right way to pre-fuel, refuel, and recover is the best secret to starting strong and finishing that way, too.

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