BestOfTheBest_headlineEuropa is all about relationships. Yes, we’re the nation’s largest sports supplement distributor. But that doesn’t mean we’re all about the products. Our sales reps remind us of this time and time again. Whether it’s by the quality of their character, the size of their hearts, or their unquenchable thirst for the industry, our sales consultants are the best of the best.

Here at Europa, each of us has a passion for living – and for the way we make a living. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. And we certainly wouldn’t thrive here. We are personally and professionally driven to learn all we can about the industry and to help our clients grow their businesses.

We know that clients rely on our expertise to supplement their sales and stay on top of the latest fitness trends. We’re proud to contribute to their success by being their knowledge partners. We eat, sleep, and breathe this industry. So our clients don’t have to. After all, they have businesses to run.

Every year, Europa holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with a conference exclusively for our sales consultants. The annual event focuses on education, team building, and defining new ways that each sales rep can excel in this industry, and at Europa. The conference culminates with an awards ceremony. Various sales reps are honored based on peer reviews, sales statistics, and humanitarian efforts.

Keep reading to learn more about our 2015 honors and how our celebrated sales reps envision a healthy future for all.

Linny Mac Humanitarian Award:
Nick Lacaria

Nick-Lacaria3-2015LinThis is the seventh year for the Linny Mac Award Humanitarian Award, named after Sales Consultant Lin McAteer, who passed away in 2008. Lin did many noble activities; more than can be mentioned here but a few notable stories include anonymously paying for a disabled boy’s gym membership who couldn’t afford it. Another story was when Lin heard of a gentleman who had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and started training at one of the gyms where Lin was a member. Lin started training and counseling him and the gentlemen beat his addictions and ended up becoming a minister. Lastly, Lin had over 30 gym memberships when he passed. A testament to the fact that he always believed in “paying it forward” to his customers, friends and people he didn’t even know.

Based on these exemplifying qualities, the Linny Mac Humanitarian award was awarded to Sales Consultant, Nick Lacaria. Nick has embodied many of the traits that the award was founded upon. Nick has raised thousands of dollars to help the military and veterans. In the past year, he has focused his attention on the Red Circle Foundation, which was developed to support families of the US Military Special Operations in the event of extenuating circumstances. Many charities and government programs serve the special ops community but it can take weeks or months for funds to be deployed to help the people in need. Red Circle acts immediately.

According to Eric Hillman, Europa Sports CEO, “Nick’s ability to see a need and immediately take action is one of the qualities that sets him apart as a sales rep and more importantly, as a person. Nick has quietly worked to support his military brothers and sisters by raising money for the Red Circle Foundation and other organizations. What makes Nick so like Lin is he would use his own money and his knowledge to help someone in need. This passion for helping his fellow man and woman is exactly what Lin used to do and for this reason we are honored to present Nick with the Linny Mac Award.”

From Nick himself, “I am humbled to be awarded the Linny Mac Humanitarian Award, and words fail me on what this truly means as I never set off to be recognized individually. It was a “Team” effort that enabled us to raise funds for the Red Circle Foundation. When I started my Red Friday campaign, I knew that we needed to assist all of our military brothers and sisters on the front lines, especially to the Silent Professionals that were lost in combat missions-some never making the mainstream media (as it should be) and their families that have lost a mother or father figure since they were the usually the main source of income for those families. Red Friday goes along with RedCircle: Without Gap Funding, such as what the Red Circle Foundation provides, those families would be left with debt and worries about the future: how are they going to pay for their children’s education, pay the bills, the normal stuff we equate to money. But when that source of money dries up, it is up to each of us to help these families with their emotional and monetary loss. Money can never replace the loved one killed in the line of duty, but it helps these families get by while they try to figure out what the future holds. Hopefully we have been able to make an impact, and it only drives me to do more.”

Europa Sales Consultant of the Year:
Lucas Bicknell

Lucas-Bicknell-2015Lucas Bicknell has been part of the Europa team since 2011. Lucas has educated customers on supplements and been the friend, go-to guy, and consultant that many customers trust and depend on.

Europa’s “Sales Consultant of the Year” is not an award based on numbers, but more on a consultant’s work ethic and all-around qualities and traits that peers admire and respect. To put it simply, it’s based on everything else a consultant does that makes them a role model for the entire sales department and company.

Lucas had this to say about the award, “When I received this award I was stunned to say the least.  To be recognized by my peers in this fashion was a true honor.  Sales is never easy, and it is a path in which you have to find your own way but I have to tip my hat to senior reps around me. The perseverance and passion they show day in and day out is my great motivator.  To work for such an amazing company I know I am truly blessed.”

Rookie of the Year:
Andrew Hudson

Andrew-Hudson2-2015The “Rookie of the Year” award is bestowed upon a consultant that’s been in Sales between 6 to 17 months. This award is based on average sales rankings for the duration of time the consultant has been in Sales.

Europa’s Rookie of the Year is Andrew Hudson. Andrew joined Europa in 2013 and is our dedicated Functional Fitness sales consultant. He has worked with Boxes across the nation on how they can use sports nutrition for their athletes.

“This award was totally unexpected and means a lot to me.  I want to thank Jeff and Eric for the opportunity to work with a community that I love, to travel and tell people about the great things Europa is doing for the fitness community as a whole and for their support every day.  I also wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my fellow sales reps, who have helped me, pushed me and taught me much along the way.  I am very excited to see what the future holds here at Europa! “ states Andrew.

Field Consultant of the Year Award:
Alyson Bowyer

Alyson-Bowyer2_2015The ‘Field Consultant of the Year’ Award was awarded to Arizona’s Alyson Bowyer. This award is based on total stores and gyms visited, new accounts opened, increase in sales of visited accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“I am beyond honored to win Europa’s Field Representative of the year award for 2014. It meant a lot to me during a year when my twins turned one and my very busy life became even that more hectic. When I reflect on this honor I know that I could not have done it without the support of Team Europa. Everyone from our executives, inside sales managers, inside sales reps, customer service, vendors, my field manager and the team shipping products played a critical role in our success. It is amazing to be a part of such an amazing team.

As Phil Jackson said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.,” states Alyson.

FDM Sales Manager of the Year Award:
Dane Hansen

Dane-Hansen2The ‘FDM Sales Manager of the Year’ Award was awarded to Dane Hansen. Dane has been a sales manager in Europa’s Food, Drug and Mass department (Europa FDM) since 2005. This award is based on peer vote, quota percentage and sales dollar goals.

“Winning the FDM Sales Manager Of The Year award was a VERY humbling experience.  A culmination, a crescendo of 18 years in this Industry hammering doors, accomplishing the impossible, believing in myself when others didn’t, ‘chopping wood’ over and over and just doing what I love to do.

Oh yeah, as my kids have decided, the real reason I finally won it this year was simply because of the good luck Purple Crocodile shoes I wore that night which they bought for me.” states Dane.