Europa is all about relationships. Yes, we’re the nation’s largest sports supplement distributor. But that doesn’t mean we’re all about the products. Our sales reps remind us of this time and time again. Whether it’s by the quality of their character, the size of their hearts, or their unquenchable thirst for the industry, our sales consultants are the best of the best.

Here at Europa, each of us has a passion for living-and for the way we make a living. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here and we certainly wouldn’t thrive here. We are personally and professionally driven to learn all we can about the industry and to help our clients grow their businesses.

We know that clients rely on our expertise to supplement their sales and stay on top of the latest fitness trends. We’re proud to contribute to their success by being their knowledge partners. We eat, sleep, and breathe this industry. So our clients don’t have to. After all, they have businesses to run.

Every year, Europa holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with a conference exclusively for our sales consultants. The annual event focuses on education, team building, and defining new ways that each sales rep can excel in this industry, and at Europa. The conference culminates with an awards ceremony. Various sales reps are honored based on peer reviews, sales statistics, and humanitarian efforts.

Keep reading to learn more about our honors and how our celebrated sales reps envision a healthy future for all.

Linny Mac Humanitarian Award:

Anthony PalmiottoThis is the sixth year for the “Linny Mac Humanitarian Award,” named after Sales Consultant Lin McAteer, who passed away in 2008. Lin did many noble activities. More than can be mentioned here, but a few notable stories include: Anonymously paying a gym membership for a disabled boy who couldn’t afford it. Then there’s the story of how Lin helped train and counsel another gentleman at the gym who had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. This gentleman beat his addictions and ended up becoming a minister. Lastly, Lin held over 30 gym memberships when he passed. A testament to the fact that he always believed in “paying it forward” to his customers, friends, and people he didn’t even know.

Based on these exemplifying qualities, the Linny Mac Humanitarian Award was presented to Regional Outside Sales Manager, Anthony Palmiotto. Anthony embodies many of the traits that the award was founded upon. For instance, he once carried a customer to the hospital and even helped get their business open until their employees arrived.

Lin McAteerAccording to Eric Hillman, Europa Sports CEO, “Anthony’s efforts with his customers immediately reminded me of Lin. It’s the passion that Anthony has for his customers and his Europa family that honors Lin. It’s also what reflects upon Anthony’s character. This is an honor to present him with the Linny Mac Award.”

In Anthony’s Words, “I am extremely humbled and honored to have received the Linny Mac Award. I am constantly reminded by our customers what an incredible impact Lin had on people’s lives. Lin loved and cared for our customers. But, most importantly, he was their friend. Though I could never truly fill Lin’s shoes, I strive every day to carry on his legacy by loving and serving our customers the same way Lin did (Col.3:23). I hope to make Lin proud when I meet him in heaven. My ultimate desire is to be able to stand before God and have Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Europa Sales Consultant of the Year:

Jordan VarelaJordan Varela has been a member of the Europa team since 2000. Jordan enjoys educating customers and sharing his knowledge of supplements. He is the friend, go-to guy, and consultant that many customers trust. No wonder, this is Jordan’s second-time winning Sales Consultant of the Year.

Europa’s “Sales Consultant of the Year” is not an award based on numbers. It’s based on a consultant’s work ethic. It’s based on the all-around qualities and traits that peers admire and respect. To put it simply, it’s based on everything else our consultants do that make them role models for the entire sales department and company.

Jordan’s reponse? Humbling, of course:”Winning this award for a second time is truly unexpected. We have so much talent in sales that I figured someone else would have received it. I am truly honored, beyond grateful, and absolutely humbled that my peers thought this highly of me.”

Rookie of the Year:

Danielle CianciThe “Rookie of the Year” award is bestowed upon a consultant that’s been in sales less than 18 months. And it’s based on average sales rankings.

Danielle Cianci joined Europa in 2011 as our dedicated Functional Fitness Sales Consultant. She has worked with Boxes across the nation on how they can leverage sports nutrition for their athletes.

“This award is so much more than a piece of paper saying, “job well done.” It means that, as a company, we have taken a task that appeared impossible, and excelled beyond any of our expectations. With the help of field reps, managers, each ESP department, vendors, and countless hours of hard work, we are paving the future of sports nutrition. It is an honor and a privilege to be counted among the best in the industry,” states Danielle

Field Consultant of the Year Award:

Rob MannThe ‘Field Consultants of the Year’ Award was awarded to Florida’s Jesse Groves. This award is based on total stores and gyms visited, new accounts opened, increase in sales of visited accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company. This is Jesse’s second time winning the Field Consultant of the Year award.

“Receiving the award for Field Consultant of the Year represents the value I see in my customers, and most importantly the value of the relationships I have with them. It represents a willingness and urgency for all of us to succeed together,” states Rob

FDM Sales Manager of the Year Award:

Alan StoneThe year’s ‘FDM Sales Manager of the Year’ Award was awarded to Todd Collis. Todd has been a sales manager in Europa’s Food, Drug and Mass department (Europa FDM) since 2013. This award is based on peer vote, quota percentage and sales dollar goals.

“I am very flattered as well as quite surprised knowing that any member of our FDM Sales Team deserves this award,” states Alan.

EuropaMan Award:


Ian RespetoThis is the first year for the “EuropaMan” award. Created by Eric Hillman and Jeff Compton, this award is based on sheer hard work and determination put forth by any Europa employee. Success is not just about the numbers – it’s about the heart and passion you bring to work every day. It’s about how you overcome life’s obstacles. Congratulations to Outside Field Consultant, Ian Respeto, for earning the inaugural EuropaMan award.

According to Ian, “To be given this award is such an honor. I am truly humbled. I am blessed to work for such an incredible company and will always continue to bleed purple!”