Europa Sports may have been a first-time title sponsor for the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, but we’re no rookies. Europa Sports Products has been a consecutive exhibitor at the Arnold since 1993.

Taking on the title sponsor role was a thrilling opportunity for Europa Sports and our 400+ employees. Adding to the excitement of this year’s big event, the 2014 Europa Games Winners for the Men’s Open Bodybuilding Event will also compete at the 2015 Arnold.

For us, the Arnold has always been about building classic partnerships. Take a look at how a few of our customers describe their prior experiences at the Europa booth during the Arnold:

“Having previously owned a sports nutrition company, and now being CMO for a large internet retailer, it is always a pleasure to go to the Arnold and stop by the Europa booth to see familiar faces of perhaps the most influential company in the industry. You can always count on seeing your favorite sales rep or purchasing manager as well as Robbie, Eric, and Jeff. Business gets done, food gets served, and consumers are influenced.” – Marc L.

“I own and operate a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Ohio. Europa has been my supplement distributor for over 10 years. I professionally competed at the Arnold in the Bench Press 9 years in a row. Europa has always been a main attraction during the Expo. Their setup is attractive. Their staff is professional. My sales rep Will Kirkpatrick always invites me in and takes the time to talk with me. I am sure this year will be just as great.” – Tina R.

“ has been fortunate enough to be invited to the Europa booth for the last couple of years. The experience is like no other at the Arnold Expo. The food spread is awesome. And there are plenty of free samples for the people looking for that as well. This is by far the best booth at the Expo. This is a great time to network with your sales rep and other people in the industry. The entire staff is a class act!” – Geoff M.

Europa Sports began as a classic partnership between two guys who loved fitness. After more than two decades of exhibiting at the Arnold, we have seen firsthand the amazing results of our strong business relationships.

As partners, we get to build on each other’s strengths. We get to see your business grow. When you plan to be in business over a long period of time, working alone is not nearly as much fun as working together. Support. Success. Celebration. It’s all part of a partnership with us.