And see what it means for your business.


Have you noticed that the sports supplement customer has changed drastically in recent years? For proof of this, all you need to do is attend the next Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo. Look around and you’ll see the expected pro bodybuilders mixed in with a new generation of functional fitness athletes.

Today, our industry caters to a diverse set of interests ranging from CrossFit to judo, wrestling and cheerleading. (Yes, cheerleading.) In fact, the Orlando show attracted more than 1,000 cheerleaders and 700+ CrossFit competitors.


The sports nutrition customer has evolved-has your business?

We’ve had our finger on the pulse of this ever-changing industry for nearly 23 years. Europa began in 1990 and this is the 8th year for our expo. The reason we launched the Europa Games is simple. We wanted to give back by hosting world-class fitness and nutrition events across the nation. But it turns out that we’re getting even more in return. Thanks to the relationships we’re building and, quite frankly, all the fun we’re having together. If you have yet to experience the expo, now is the time.


By the Numbers

This is the fifth year that the Europa Games were held in Orlando, Florida. It was the biggest and best event yet with approximately 68,000 attendees, which includes nearly 15,000 athletes, participating across 31 sporting events. The number of vendors who participated in the Orlando expo more than doubled since 2012. We’re so excited about the turnout that we can only imagine what’s yet to come. There are three more expo events planned in 2013.


What is the Europa Games?

The Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo is a multi-city nutrition and fitness event unlike any other. Professional bodybuilding competitions opened the door to what is now the Europa Games. Today, the experience has been transformed to include everything from Zumba to arm wrestling, martial arts, and the first-ever indoor Spartan obstacle course, among many others. With such a range in athletic competitions, it’s no wonder this weekend is rapidly turning into a favorite family event that just so happens to attract tens of thousands of customers.

Why attend the Europa Games?

Whether you’re an athlete, a business owner, or both, there are many reasons to attend the Europa Games. You can participate in, or watch dozens of exciting events. Get free samples. Enjoy plenty of fitness giveaways. Compete to win cash prizes. Learn about new products from hundreds of vendors. Meet thousands of athletes. Did we mention the free samples?

Where’s the next Europa Games?

If you missed us in Orlando, then mark your calendars now and meet us at one of our upcoming Europa Games:

Hartford, Connecticut-June 29th
Dallas, Texas-August 16th & 17th
Phoenix, Arizona-October 19th

While you’re scheduling your trip, you should also consider attending Europa University, a six-hour workshop presented by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Europa University delivers a series of seminars by world-leading experts on sports nutrition and it coincides with the Europa Games weekend. The Europa University held in Orlando had 100 class participants and continues to grow every year. Contact your sales rep to learn more or for the latest seminar.

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Nearly 68,000 people attended the Europa Games in Orlando. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“This year’s Europa Games was bigger and better than ever before. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next year!” 
Todd Bartlett, District Sales Manager
Vitamin Discount Center

“The Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo is a great show to launch new products, build relationships, and promote nutrition and fitness. The variety of athletes and sports is tremendous. It’s a key opportunity to get in touch with our demographic and talk supplements.”
Jason Morrill, Sales Manager

“This Europa Games brings consumers, athletes, and business owners all in one place. The rest of the world should take notes. This is how it’s done!”
Mark Aguilar, Sales Manager
Good Nutrition

For more information about the industry’s leading expo and how you can get involved, contact your sales rep today. See you at the Games!
Photos: Prescott Enterprises Photography and Europa Sports