Summer is a carefree time of year, offering opportunities to unwind and reflect. As we think back on the past few months, we couldn’t be prouder of all that we have accomplished in our merger with 
Lone Star Distribution.

Our teams are working together as one.

We are united in our mission to build the strongest, and best sports nutrition distribution company in the world. We’ve been evaluating our facilities, shared services, and expanded sales team.

We’re committed to being the best business partner for you – wherever you are.

Our nine facilities will service the northern, southern, eastern and western regions of the United States. We will deliver the industry’s most comprehensive range of sports nutrition and wellness products anywhere in the world. We’re proud of that.

Building the Best Brand Selection Worldwide

Through the merger, one thing hasn’t changed: Our commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our purchasing and research teams have grown, and so have our capabilities to continually evaluate sales trends and product development. We stay in the know, so you don’t have to. We continually fine-tune our inventory to represent the products and manufacturers that are most sought after. Visit page 24 for the latest brands to hit our distribution centers. Our goal is to provide the best sales opportunities for your business – and we do.

How We Will Better Serve You

Now operating nine facilities, we’ve expanded our fleet of trucks to reach more markets across the U.S. than all other sports nutrition distributors – combined. Throughout this transition, our sales and customer service teams have also aligned to represent the best-of-the-best in all areas of sports, fitness, and wellness. Our elite salesforce encompasses 27+ field representatives, 71+ inside sales consultants, and 21+ customer service team members. Together, we’re committed to providing industry-leading knowledge that’s vital to your success. You will be able to take advantage of a true One-Stop-Shop buying experience with benefits like greater on-hand inventory and an all-star specialized sales team designed to focus on your specific market and specialize in the right products for your business. The bottom line? We’re committed to you in every stage of your business.

Knowledge Is Power

Right now, you’re reading the pages of our newly combined catalog, representing our merged team, expanded products, and strengthened services. Hopefully, it’s easy to see how the unique blend of our qualities work to your business advantage. We evaluated our strengths in the information, technology and services we deliver. Part of which is captured here in the industry’s most valued and utilized guide to everything we have to offer.

Beyond these pages, we are preparing the exciting debut of our new Europa Sports website. One of the best benefits of combining resources is a brand new website that has a wealth of features that will make it an invaluable tool for your business.

New Website. New Features.

Our new site makes it easier than ever for you to keep up with the latest announcements of new brands and products, manufacturer recalls, one-stop access to comprehensive product information, brand media, customer support, seasonal and monthly promotions, and more. Enjoy simplified online ordering. Get a complete purchase history at your fingertips. Plus, you can shop, learn, and access Europa Sports on the go. Our new website is easy to navigate on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch your email for its debut.

What’s Next?

We are grateful for your trust in us. The merger has been an incredible journey and evolution combining the core strengths of Lone Star Distribution and Europa Sports. As we go forward, our hard work and commitment will continue. Together as one, we are a stronger business partner for you – with greater on-hand inventory and an all-star specialized sales team. We are a true one-stop source for everything you need today – and to fuel your success, tomorrow.