It All Started With a Chef

Blair Swiler needed a break from the kitchen. He was caddying alongside co-founder Dennis Riedel and shared his homemade jerky with him. Real cuts of premium beef, right there on the golf course, was all Dennis needed. And with some convincing, Chef Blair shared his recipe and the pair began smoking and selling Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co to golf and country clubs across the U.S.


The Best Jerky Starts With the Best Cuts

There’s no junk here. Chef’s Cut meats are hand-cut and slowly marinated with real ingredients and slow-smoked to tender perfection. Where you start is as important as where you end. And we only start with the highest quality ingredients.

Handcrafted from Start to Finish

Chef’s Cut isn’t like any other jerky company, because for them, it all starts with their chef. Each of their marinades use all real ingredients, and are created by Chef Blair himself. Combined with premium cuts of meat and a proprietary smoking process, the result is a perfectly tender and flavor-balanced jerky.

Take the Chef With You, Wherever You Go.

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, hustling through the daily commute or racking up those frequent flyer miles, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co is here to deliver a high-quality, chef-crafted snack.

The Chef to the Stars

Watch out for the Chef’s Cut community. As passionate about quality and nutrition as the company itself, Team Chef’s Cut is an ever-growing community of pro athletes, fitness professionals, celebrity & athlete influencers, and everyday individuals with an extraordinary affinity for activity, adventure and training. They’re not just awesome at what they do – they share the enthusiasm for high-quality, chef-crafted snacks. Chef’s Cut is proud to call them partners.

Von Miller

Super Bowl 50 MVP, Denver Broncos.

One of the NFL’s leading linebackers. Football’s highest-paid defensive player. A snappy dresser. And one helluva dancer. And yes, he’s a huge fan of Chef’s Cut. Von needs energy to keep doing all he does, so his personal chef and nutritionist recommended Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. Now, this 5-time Pro-Bowler takes a protein bag with wherever he goes.

“Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co is unlike any jerky I’ve ever had. Not only does it check the box for my nutritional needs, but all the product varieties pack tremendous flavor.”

Favorite Flavor: All of the flavors, but being a chicken farmer, his favorite is the Buffalo Chicken.

Olivia Munn

Actress. Philanthropist. Master Jerky Sommelier.

A former correspondent for the Daily Show and an actress with numerous comedy film credits, Olivia Munn doesn’t take herself too seriously. What she does take seriously is her snacking. Her problem? Finding something that keeps her fulfilled that isn’t completely filled with carbs. The answer was Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. Now, she’s an investor and brand partner that’s focused on bringing the taste of fine jerky to the world.

Favorite Flavor: Teriyaki Turkey

Kyle Reifers

PGA Tour Professional and organic fan of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co®.

The Chef’s Cut story starts on a golf course. And with brand ambassador Kyle Reifers, it continues to tour the links. Kyle was searching for energy to sustain him. He tried protein bars, shakes, even turkey subs, but they were either inconvenient or inconsistent. Then he found Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co, a snack that was up to par at keeping him under par.

“With Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co, the proof is in the flavor and texture. Not only are there a variety of great tasting flavors, it’s also the most tender jerky I’ve had.”

Favorite Flavor: All of the flavors, but especially the steaks – Original Recipe and Chipotle Cracked Pepper.