Ariel Khadr: I just finished competing at the 2018 Fitness Olympia, making this my third consecutive year at the biggest fitness event in the world. I’ve finished in seventh place each time, including this year, but this time I was off my mark. Things didn’t work out as I’d planned, but I’m still able to focus on the positive …

As a competitor, there are times when your timing is just off and you don’t show up at your very best. That’s happened to me many times when I was competing in gymnastics, and it’s what happened to me this year at the Olympia, unfortunately. But for every downfall I’ve had, I’ve always learned a lot about myself both physically and mentally.

Any time you stumble or don’t reach a goal, it’s crucial that you don’t focus too much on the negative aspects. Instead, focus on the positive things you can take from it all as a lesson. You should always learn from your experiences and failures and figure out how to change your approach so you can reach your ideal outcome the next time. Everyone who is a champion in any sport has had bad experiences during competition, otherwise, they wouldn’t feel that extra hunger and drive to work their way to the top.

After coming home from the Olympia in Las Vegas, I had a few “cheat meals” and took some well-deserved rest days without going to the gym. Two days after competing, I had an amazing photoshoot with Muscle & Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Hers, so I guess I was technically working out on the photo sets. My photo spread will feature an entire weighted ball/plyometric workout routine, and I’ll let everyone know when I find out what issue will have the feature.

Competing at the professional level can be very draining, both mentally and physically, so it was really nice to be able to enjoy a few days with my family and friends before getting back into a reverse dieting plan. Since I’m back to work, I’m also back to my normal breakfast routine which is always my green smoothie (mentioned in a prior blog post) made with RawFusion Protein. I feel like my day doesn’t start efficiently if I don’t have that as my breakfast.

While I’ve been making sure to focus on the positive, I’ve also been staying on top of my vitamins and minerals by taking Vitamin D3, Dr. Feel Good, Curcumin Supreme, and Melatonin. Jet lag from the lack of sleep and the three-hour time difference can definitely take a toll on your immune system, so I always make sure I keep up with my SAN supplements so I don’t get slowed down by getting sick.

The Curcumin Supreme and Melatonin have been my saviors these last few days. Anyone who has competed can attest to how inflamed and swollen your body can get post-contest, and these help with that and to ensure that I’m well rested.