RXBAR Interviews: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Real is committing over, and over, and over again.

Meet Camille: Seven-year individual CrossFit Games veteran Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of CrossFit’s most enduring athletes. In 2014, she earned the title of Fittest Woman on Earth. A wife, dog mom and student pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, Camille understands how sacrifice and triumph go hand in hand.

How do you stay focused and motivated?

“Everything I do needs to have a purpose and help me grow in some way. I don’t study just to study, I study to learn and improve myself. And I have a routine. I wake up, usually before my husband! I let the dog out. Then I get back in bed snuggle, because love is very important. Then I eat. study, do some work and train. Then I eat, study, do some work and train again. You have to commit to achieve your goals.”

What do you eat to support your training?

“I now work with a nutritionist named Addie. I need the right fuel for my body, so she helps me understand the ratios I need for before, during and after my workouts. Eating clean is very important, too. I have a meal service that delivers fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit. I also eat RXBARs as snacks because they’re a great combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates.”

Does your routine get easier with time?

“When you look from the outside into my life, it might seem like it’s always happy and easy. But when you achieve something big, it’s really hard. If it’s not hard, you most likely cut corners or cheated in a way. The hardest thing for me is when I’m studying all night and still need to train. I become very miserable and go into zombie mode. My relationships suffer, and it breaks my heart. I work on being more patient, because I know I chose to take the hardest road – the people around me didn’t make that choice, so I can’t project that on them.”

What is the most challenging part of your life?

“The weekend is the hardest time for me. I’m in the gym by myself, and sometimes I just want to start crying. It’s a very lonely journey. I have an amazing network of support around me, but in the end, no one does it for you. You have to do it for yourself.”