provided by Team Vega

If you’ve been a Vega fan for a while, you’ll know that they’ve used pea protein from the beginning (hands up if you remember Whole Food Health Optimizer!). Years later, pea protein still reigns supreme in the Vega product family. It’s time to finally answer, why peas?

Why Pea Protein?

A lactose-free protein source, we love pea protein powder for its taste, texture and protein content. Unlike many other plant-based protein powders, they’ve found you can get a smooth texture with pea protein powder. Plus, it’s pretty taste-neutral, so you’re not tasting split pea soup in your smoothie. The pea ingredients also allow us to make our protein powders into gluten free protein powders.

To celebrate our love of pea protein, we want to answer your top questions.

What color is the pea protein powder?

The peas we use are yellow in color and from the same genus as green peas (pisum sativum).

Where are the peas sourced from?

Vega sources their pea protein from suppliers in North America, China and Europe. At Vega, sourcing ingredients for their protein blend involves many factors, including taste, texture, quality and availability of the quantity they need.

Does your plant-based protein powder taste like peas?

Good news – it doesn’t! Fortunately for Vega, as a part of our ingredient sourcing and selection process, their in-house Research and Innovation Team and Vega HQ super-tasters taste pea protein on its own and as a part of the blend, before it ever hits the shelf. It’s very important to ensure that they get a delicious tasting protein shake that tastes nothing like powdered pea soup.

Are Vega shakes only pea protein?

While Vega loves pea protein powder, rather than choose a single protein source for their protein powders and bars, they mix it up with a multisource plant-based protein blend. You’ll see that there are other selected plant-based proteins like organic sunflower seed powder and organic pumpkin seed powder to complement the organic pea protein you’ll find in new Vega products.

You can expect to see those plant-based protein sources in your favorite products, but there are also proteins that Vega doesn’t use. Vega bars and protein shakes are made without whey, casein, or soy protein isolates.