Our New Site is Not About Us. It’s All About You.
We’re all about relationships, making them stronger and discovering new (and better) ways to work together. That’s why a large focus of our website redesign included the launch of a customer portal.

It’s more than a portal. It’s your personal dashboard.

Imagine being able to view customized reports, see your latest order history, view tracking information, download your personal pricing list, and rapidly reorder with our online tools. Now you can. Let’s take a closer look at a few of our new features:

Custom Reporting

We know you have a business to run. And sometimes that means running reports. That’s why we created a special section in the portal where you can see all of your account debits and credits for the last 60 days. You can view an aggregated report of purchased products. Use the filters to narrow the list. Sort by brand. Sort by category. Get the specifics you 
need—in seconds.

Shipping & Tracking

You can view tracking information for all the orders you have placed over the last two months. Want to see where your next shipment is? Track it via easy links. Search by invoice. Search by date. Get real information in 
real time.

We Help with More Than Shipping

We help you save money. We want to help make your business grow. We encourage you to check your personal pricing information online for each product you purchase from us. You can filter the list to show products according to specific brands. You can also download the information for 
all products.

Order History

How often do you order from Europa? What if you could quickly review all your orders placed over the last 60 days? Get a quick status. Check shipping information. Review totals. Prefer to search by date or order number? No problem.

Your Virtual Support Portal

From tracking tools to finding answers to your questions about invoices, the customer portal is designed with you in mind.

Help us. Help you. Register today!

Can you think of ways to improve EuropaSports.com? We would love feedback about the new site and the customer portal once you 
have registered. Find the FEEDBACK button at the bottom of any page of the website to make comments or suggestions.