Take Control of Your Email Inbox

Email is one of the most effective ways to quickly notify you of upcoming specials, product recalls and industry events. In addition to your sales consultant, EuropaSports.com and our Facebook channels, we notify customers such as yourself of the impromptu deals that vendors supply to us on a regular basis. It’s also the best way to notify you of product recalls, which are vital to protecting your customers and your business.

Unfortunately, spammers send billions of emails to consumers everyday and email can get lost in your spam filter or not even delivered at all. This is particularly prevalent if you have a Gmail address, which will mark legitimate emails as spam, even though subscribers such as yourself wanted to receive them.


How can Gmail subscribers control their inbox?

1. Please Add [email protected] to your Contacts list to always ensure you’ll get our messages. Click on the black drop-down arrow on the right-hand corner of one of our messages or add it to your contacts manually.
2. Click the Priority Icon  in your inbox.
3. Star  messages from [email protected]
4. Please click Always Display Images from us.

Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL subscribers

If you receive email through one of these services, just add [email protected] to your email provider’s ­respective address book/contacts list to ensure that you­receive your Europa deals and industry information.

Still not an Email Subscriber?
Click here to register for online access and email subscriptions or feel free to tell your sales consultant that you would like to receive emails. We’ll take care of the rest.