with Dr Jeff Chen, MD / MBA and Ryan Tedder, Founder of MAD TASTY and Lead Singer of OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder is the lead singer of OneRepublic and one of the most in demand songwriters and producers in music today. In 2018, Ryan had a rare few weeks where he wasn’t creating music and decided to turn to a passion project he had been contemplating since 2016 to create a functional product that would help him keep his energy up on stage, during long producing sessions and more. He did significant research on functional ingredients and started dosing with CBD and discovered that it not only made him feel centered and energized but quelled the anxiety attacks he was experiencing regularly.

Inspired by his new discovery and desire to design a CBD/hemp product that he could take every day without the bitter CBD/hemp taste, he worked with a team of experts across beverage, technology, medicine and hemp to formulate MAD TASTY, a clean, restorative, and hydrating beverage infused with 20 MG of broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Listen in to his informative and fun Q&A with Dr Jeff Chen, MD / MBA, former Executive Dir of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, where Dr Chen gives us a CBD 101 crash course and they discuss what attracted Ryan to the plant and more!