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We Are You.

BlackMarket has come from humble beginnings. We didn’t start our company with a $500,000 “loan” from our dad, it was from hard work and a lot of mistakes. In the back of a local supplement store in Utah, Brysen Duncan, our owner, and leader, wanted to create a pre-workout that was effective, long-lasting, and void of all the bullshit. With this mindset, the first ever Adre.N.O.lyn product was born, which is now called CUTS.

Every employee hired to BlackMarket from then on was not a ‘The-Best-Person-In-The-Industry’, but an underdog, a misfit, who had been given a chance to succeed and make something of themselves. With true grit and determination, BlackMarket has waged Guerilla Warfare on the supplement industry, leading the charge on some of the industry’s best features: limited edition flavors, collabs with other companies, using hard-hitting ingredients like 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine, and being retail exclusive.

Over the years, the industry has become more challenging, and we’ve had to adjust or die. But we will never stop fighting, never stop being who we are: an underground industry that gives the underdog, such as yourself, a fighting chance to succeed.

Band with us here at BlackMarket and use our industry-changing, goal-oriented supplements to achieve the impressive results you’ve always wanted.