It Pays To Help Your Customers Snack Smart

Snacking is a multi-billion dollar industry. Your customers may be growing weary of protein bars and protein shakes. Today’s consumers care more about the absence of ingredients rather than the addition of them. Think no artificial colors and gluten-free. Help them give in to their guilt-free snack attack when you stock your shelves with these tasty treats. Welcome to the art of power snacking. And power your sales.



All the flavor. Half the fat.
No added preservatives. No artificial flavors.
No synthetic colors. No cholesterol.
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Low carb. High protein.
Now this is protein snacking at its best.
Low fat. Gluten free. GMO free. Vegan.



Kay’s Protein Pretzel Sticks
All natural. Gluten free.
Delivers 12 grams of lean soy protein,
4 grams of fiber, and free of trans fats.
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C20 Baked Coconut Chips
All natural. All flavorful.
Non-GMO, and gluten-free.
No cholesterol or preservatives.
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Good Health Avocado Chips
Made with 100% avocado oil.
No artificial colors. No added preservatives.
No hydrogenated oils. Zero grams of trans fat.
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Meat Chips
Gluten free. Nut free. These chips pack 21 grams of chicken protein. Now available in four different flavors: nacho, salsa, pepper, and ranch.
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