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Sarah Murphy at Health Lab

Do you ever feel like your love for chocolate goes deeper than just the taste? That it leaves you satisfied, more carefree and in an all around better mood?  We’re with you! And it turns out there’s a whole science behind why we feel so good after eating it.

Basically, it all comes down to raw cacao! Cacao quite literally seduces our senses, sounds sexy right?

Cacao, pronounced “kaka-ow”, contains a bucket load of feel good neurotransmitters.

One of these transmitters is called serotonin, which helps keep mood swings at bay by boosting your calming hormones which helps achieve an overall sense of well-being.

Cacao also contains a super fancy chemical, Phenylethylamine. This bliss inducing chemical naturally affects the brain to produce the same sensation as falling in love. Increasing alertness, a degree of excitement, attraction and happiness. Put simply, gives you the warm and fuzzies! (which means it’s scientifically okay to admit you’re in love with chocolate – phew).

If that wasn’t enough, cacao also has a bucket load of antioxidants, three times more than your cup of green tea. These help to boost your mood and lower the stress that comes with all of our busy modern lives.

To get your daily mood boosting hit of cacao, you can enjoy our guilt free (and actually delicious) Cacao Matcha Balls.