When was the last time you did a handstand? Sure, it may appear to be basic. (Kids do it!) But handstands actually command a great deal of core strength, balance and coordination. Turning your body upside down also rejuvenates your circulation, renewing how the blood flows to every area of the body. Right now, we invite you to imagine what would happen if you turned your inventory management strategies on their head.

Refresh your inventory flow.

Change your perspective from stocking the latest and greatest to stocking the tried and true. Your inventory management can be a competitive advantage. It’s time to take a stand. Let’s get back to basics.

Stop stocking up on hype.

As the nation’s largest sports supplement distributor, we know better than anyone that there’s always a new, hot, must-have product coming out. But even we’re selective about what we stock. Are you? If you’re constantly chasing fitness fads and diet trends, you (and your customers) may be missing out on the good stuff, like creatine, amino acids, or Adept fish oil. Truth is, your customers are often missing key nutrients in their diets. Help them fill the gaps (and clear your shelves) with daily vitamins, minerals and basic supplements.

What’s trending? Who cares!

Anyone who wants to learn how to improve their overall health and wellness starts at the beginning – with vitamins and minerals. There are many market drivers pushing the consumption of these basic supplements:

  • Consumers are taking a more proactive role in their health.
  • The healthcare industry is focused on preventive care.
  • The aging population is also driving demand.
  • Rising healthcare costs are playing a role.

Why do people take basic supplements?

  • Convenience
  • Overall health
  • Personalization (Gender, Age, Lifestyle)
  • Condition-specific reasons
  • Mood and energy benefits
  • Living healthier lifestyles
  • Immune system support
  • Desire for natural ingredients

Who is most likely to take basic supplements?

Women, older adults, and children. Pediatric vitamins accounted for $660 million in 2013 alone. When it comes to inventory management, don’t overlook the basics. Fill the gaps with gender-specific multivitamins and other basics such as Men’s or Women’s Supervites from Adept Nutrition.

Build your bottom line with the building blocks of nutrition.

Contact your Europa Sales rep and ask about our most popular multivitamins, minerals and supplements.