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Two Men, A Seltzer Bottle and an Obsession To Make Protein Drinks Taste Amazing.

What began as a random experiment over 10 years ago, has led to a game-changer in the world of drinkable protein.

As successful protein product developers for over 25 years, David Jenkins and Shawn Sherwood created the first instant whey protein powder and the only sparkling protein drink in the world.

Clearly sparkling. Clearly refreshing. Clearly unique. Clearly fizzique.


The Clearest Most Refreshing Protein Drink Ever.

Easy to consume grab n’ go 15g of refreshing, sparkling whey protein isolate.

Why Sparkling Protein?

First of all, who wants boring protein? Between milky, high-calorie shakes and sugar-loaded protein candy bars, David and Shawn were getting a little sick of the usual protein snack suspects. They wanted to create a drink that was different in every way imaginable – in the way it interacted with your body, in what it could do for you, and in how it tasted. They chose sparkling protein because it’s exactly what they were looking for on our quest to fight your fizzle with fizz.