provided by Celsius

Celsius Celebrates A New Favorite Flavor

This flavor shines light on the continued growth of CELSIUS’ proven functional beverages and the demand for healthier energy drinks offering vitamins without the sugar and calories found in traditional energy drinks.

On the heels of an exclusive flavor launch preview event in Miami, Grapefruit Melon is making a splash, capitalizing on consumer shifts towards healthier, better-for-you functional energy.

The Strengthening of the Green Tea As a Flavor Profile

Is a refreshing way to highlight the green tea that is already one of the key ingredients in the CELSIUS proprietary MetaPlus blend. The Grapefruit Melon Green Tea flavor aligns with the ongoing Grapefruit and Citrus forward trends and acts as a zesty toner to the sweeter Honeydew Melon flavor profile.

An on-trend addition to our current green tea flavors that we believe will appeal to a broader base of energy drink consumers.

 Kyle Watson, VP of Marketing at Celsius