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The Golden Age of Strength & Conditioning: The Chip Sigmon Story

In The Golden Age of Strength and Conditioning, 32 college and professional strength coaches share their story of how they became part of the “golden years” of strength and conditioning. From sharing their start in the profession, to the adversities they had to overcome, and the philosophies and principles that guided their careers, these coaches proved why strength and conditioning is important to almost every athlete in every sport in the world.

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The 5 Factors of Muscle Growth

Watching individuals for the last 40 years in high schools, universities, and gyms perform some type of resistance style training, the question that I always pondered were simply this, “just how does muscle grow and what is the best way to achieve that growth through resistance training?”

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Fats: The Good. The Bad. And the Burning.

One of the best things about working at Europa Sports is that everyone is always talking about nutrition and fitness. As I was walking down the hallway the other day, I heard someone say: “I need to cut back on the fat that I’m taking in, if I want to lose weight.” This isn’t completely accurate. Fat actually helps with losing

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How to Train the Hips & Glutes

Buttocks. Booty. Buns. Behind. Whatever you like to call it, this area of the body is always a point of fitness focus. The official name is the glutes or gluteals. Strong hips and glutes are critically important in athletic...

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