“I first caught the bug for endurance sports in 2004 when I was 22. I was done playing football and desperately needed to find a way to stay an athlete. At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was that I needed from a sport, but I knew I needed the cleanse, the accountability, and the challenge. However, I understand now how much of the hook is the “Cheap Therapy.” – Jason Winn

Jason Winn, founder and CEO of Bonk Breaker, knows a thing or two about exercise. He’s been trying to perform at the highest level since picking up baseball and football in high school. From there, Winn progressed into triathlon at age 22 and quickly found himself hooked, completing an Ironman within 7 months of his first race. We don’t want to encourage that behavior, but we thought you might like to meet the guy behind the bars that you use for your own athletic endeavors.


Jason’s story is one many of us can identify with, a high flying student athlete who didn’t quite make it to the professional level in a prestigious ballsport and found his love of endurance exercise later in life. Jason was 22 when he started his first triathlon, but it didn’t take him long to rack up some serious race miles.

“A few weeks later, I almost drowned in the ocean swim but ended up finishing the race and it was a great workout. About an hour after the race, I decided to sign up for an Ironman, which was 7 months out.”

From there he raced four half Ironmans, a 24-hour paddleboard race and, the day after the paddle, the Race Across America.

Jason might have an incredible personal drive, but, as you can tell from his job title, he’s a team player at heart. He learned this playing football, first at high school and then at Texas Tech University. “ In football, like in some other sports as well as small companies: everyone on the team must do their job, no matter how big or small, in order to execute. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link.” Jason took the drive from his newfound love for endurance sports and combined it with the attitude that made him a valued teammate to create his outlook on business. At Bonk Breaker he has a strong team that is motivated to take the same energy they put into training into changing the endurance nutrition field.


Jason takes the same approach to diet as he does training: do a lot of what’s good for you and avoid what’s bad.

“Basically no fast food, endless fruits, vegetables and the rest is just real food: clean meats and clean produce. No real restrictions.”

He’s always willing to try something new (like a triathlon when he could barely survive the swim) but he doesn’t believe in restrictive diets “…as they are typically punishing, dreadful and short term. Research shows that trendy crash course diets are usually only followed for three months.”

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