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The Importance Of Breakfast For The Athlete

Our sports performance facility, the Epicenter, is purposefully designed to give each young athlete an athletic advantage in his or her sport. We do this by making each performer faster and more explosive. However, we often have athletes who put themselves at a disadvantage before they even step inside our doors. How, you ask? Simply by not eating breakfast or choosing one with little nutritional value, these athletes miss the first step in becoming a better athlete and student. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, an athlete should treat it as such – even going so far as making it the biggest meal of the day. Breakfast means “breaking the fast”. Literally, that is what a person does when eating breakfast – breaking up the “fasting” state of the body from the overnight. Depending on what time the last meal of the evening was, this fast could be 10 to 12 hours long. If breakfast is skipped, the body and brain have to go without food for up 19 hours! This is far too long for a person to go without eating and still be at the optimum of performance.   WHAT WE TELL ATHLETES To make sure the athlete knows the importance of a good nutritional breakfast and what that consists of, we sit down with our athletes or even go into their homes and...

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Developing Motor Skills for Your Sport

Skipping: A Natural Way to Coordination I’m fortunate to have two beautiful daughters, Sinclaire (7) and Sydney (5). Almost every morning they get out of bed and skip to the kitchen table for breakfast. In fact they skip everywhere they go (especially when they were even younger). It’s sad that as we get older we stop doing movements such as skipping when it can add so much to our motor skill develop­ment, especially in helping us increase and develop speed. Children do a lot of skipping. Why? Because it’s a natural movement that also helps create rhythm, balance, core stability, and even power. Any sport is all about movement, and skipping is an important part of developing motor skill learning at any age. At the Epicenter Sport Performance Enhancement Center, we do all types of skipping (more than you could ever imagine)— performed in so many different ways. First, we start all of our speed and agility classes with a “dynamic” warm-up such as the carioca, form runs, and some regular basic skips done forward and even some backward skips. After the dynamic warm-ups, we take time to go over all of our different types of skips (at least once a week) so that each skip will become a natural and rhythmic movement for each stu­dent. Understand that in skip­ping, all this movement consists of is a basic step and...

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