Dear EuropaMan,
What’s the big deal about amino acids? I know they are essential building blocks for protein…
– Steven G. | CrossFit Box Co-Owner

For most of us, building blocks were probably our very first toys. They were basic. Yet they were essential to opening up a world of imagination and play. In much the same way, if you were to consider amino acids as merely just the building blocks for protein, well, you undermine their total value.

From our brains to our biceps…

Amino acids have a critical role to play in every part of our body. The study of amino acids has been underway for 200+ years. Let’s take a brief look at what we know, now.

Amino acids do so much more than build muscle.

Amino acids are precursors to many functions and provide many benefits to the body – physically and emotionally. That’s because amino acids also work as neurotransmitters to maintain mood. Whether your next body ache is physical or emotional, the distress will deplete your body of amino acids. You must replace them in order to optimize your body’s performance.

Just a few benefits of amino acids:

  • Aid in new muscle growth
  • Promote repair and recovery from intense training
  • Build lean muscle
  • Reduce risks for cancer
  • Help the digestive and nervous system
  • Help brain functions, aging and balding
  • Boost the immune system and muscle metabolism
  • Improve energy and mood
  • Treat fatigue and depression
  • Fight sugar and starch cravings
  • Maintain a sense of well-being and energy
  • Promote a healthy metabolism and nervous system
  • Promote thyroid health

Can your body make amino acids? Do you need to supplement?

Your body can make 11 of the amino acids it needs. You must supplement your diet in order to produce the remaining 9 amino acids.

Who should take amino acids?

Pretty much everyone. Amino acids are the building blocks of wellness – and everyone we know cares about wellness.

Tips for taking amino acids

Timing is key with sports nutrition. You want to time your intake so that the amino acids are not competing with other food being absorbed by the body.

For the best possible absorption, ask your Europa Sales consultant about various supplements in capsule or powder form. Taking your amino acids this way provides the easiest breakdown with no additives.

Yours in Good Health,


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