Europa is all about relationships. Yes, we’re the nation’s largest sports supplement distributor. But that doesn’t mean we’re all about the products. Our sales reps remind us of this time and time again. Whether it’s by the quality of their character, the size of their hearts, or their unquenchable thirst for the industry, our sales consultants are the best of the best.

Here at Europa, each of us has a passion for living – and for the way we make a living. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. And we certainly wouldn’t thrive here. We are personally and professionally driven to learn all we can about the industry and to help our clients grow their businesses. We know that clients rely on our expertise to supplement their sales and stay on top of the latest fitness trends. We’re proud to contribute to their success by being their knowledgeable partner. We eat, sleep, and breathe this industry. So our clients don’t have to. After all, they have businesses to run.

Every year, Europa holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with a conference exclusively for our sales consultants. The annual event focuses on education, team building, and defining new ways that each sales rep can excel in this industry, and at Europa. The conference culminates with an awards ceremony. Various sales reps are honored based on peer reviews, sales statistics, and humanitarian efforts. Keep reading to learn more about our 2018 honors and how our celebrated sales reps envision a healthy future for all.

Europa Sales Consultant of the Year

David Lee

Europa’s “Sales Consultant of the Year” Award is given based on all aspects that surround us in sales. It encompasses not just numbers but a consultant’s work ethic and all-around qualities and traits that peers admire and respect. To put it simply, it’s based on everything a consultant does that makes them a role model for the entire sales department and company.

David had this to say about the award,

“It is pretty cool to be recognized for the way we impact people. That’s not just an honor but a great responsibility. We will impact people in some way. Either for good or for bad. I think looking back on our life, we should use the experiences we have had, both good and bad to help impact people in a good way. I’m thankful that even in the mistakes we make we can choose to use that experience to help others. And even in those mistakes they do not have to define who we are now. I’m grateful for the award but more grateful that at any time we can choose life and live in the wholeness of the life that God created us to live in.”

Specialty Consultant of the Year

The “Specialty Consultant of the Year” Award was awarded to veteran sales rep, David Lee. This award is based on total new specialty accounts opened, increase in sales of current accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“Receiving this award again is extremely special. One statement I always say is, “Growing up I didn’t always know what I wanted to be, but I knew what I didn’t want to be.” This award is a testament to not becoming what “I didn’t want to be.” I work with and for great people. So to receive this award is a great honor.” States David.


Lifestyle/Gym Consultant of the Year

Angelo Christian

The “Lifestyle/Gym Consultant of the Year” Award was awarded to sales rep, Angelo Christian. This award is based on total new lifestyle store and gym accounts opened, increase in sales of current accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“Winning 2018’s Gym Rep of the Year is a huge honor and inspiration to me, plus a reminder that dedication and persistence will lead you to great success! Obstacles will always be in your path, but you must have the mindset to push forward and tell yourself, there’s always a way to win.” States Angelo.


Territory Manager of the Year

Addison Gilliam

The “Territory Manager of the Year” Award was awarded to South Carolina’s Addison Gilliam. This award is based on total stores and gyms visited, new accounts opened, increase in sales of visited accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“The award for territory manager of the year leaves me speechless. A year ago I walked into the position brand new and needing a lot of guidance. It’s safe to say that the team I’ve been surrounded with, not just our field reps but management as well, has been nothing but a blessing. I am beyond grateful to win this award and put this success on the shoulders of my South Carolina retail partners. Earning their trust and respect has helped me understand what they needed to succeed and grow. I’m humbled to be recognized by my colleagues for these accomplishments in such a short period of time and this does nothing but fuel me. Winning this award makes me want to be more of the leader to my teammates and my territory. At the end of the day I can never thank everyone enough but I promise to keep growing as a person and keep supporting the positive individuals who support me.” States Addison.


Corporate Accounts Manager of the Year

Chris Ahearn

The “Corporate Accounts Manager of the Year” Award was awarded to Chris Ahearn. Chris has been a Corporate Sales manager in Europa’s Corporate accounts division for the last five years. He has been a leader and top performer for all five of those years. This award is based on peer vote, engagement in and out of the office, vision, and overall sales.

“It is an honor to receive this award and to be part of such a dynamic team. Europa continues to re-shape the industry with relentless effort by providing our retailers a strategic growth vision for the entire category. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to continue to tell this success story across the country as we enhance our current partnerships and invite new ones. I’m beyond thankful for our customers, our vendor partners, and my teammates that make each year at Europa better than the last.” States Chris.