Lose those last stubborn pounds or get a jumpstart on a new fitness plan with Gunnar Peterson’s 14 to Lean program

All you need is a nudge. You’re right there. Either you’re this close to having your body where you want it to be-just 5, 10, 15 pounds left to lose-or you’re this close to finally starting a program that will put you on the path to getting in shape.

In either case-whether it’s those last pounds you need to lose or the first-a single-tiered approach won’t suffice. Dieting and taking supplements without exercise, or vice versa, will always leave you short of your goal and you are then only committing halfway to an endeavor that deserves much more than that. We’re talking about your body here, your health, your happiness.

The nudge you need is 14 to Lean, the three-pronged program spearheaded by the country’s most reputable personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. As the name implies, 14 to Lean lasts only two weeks but is fully involved with clean eating, fat-torching supplements and a Peterson-designed training program similar to the ones he puts his celebrity and pro athlete clients through. At the end of two weeks, you’ll be significantly lighter, leaner and ready to tackle your next challenge-perhaps to lose 15 more pounds.

“To me, what’s cool about 14 to Lean is that it’s not a product like so many, where it’s like, take these pills and cross your fingers,” says Peterson. “It’s got a built in support system, and I love that. That’s what makes the whole thing doable and valid. It’s going to give you the workout system, a diet, and it’s going to give you the supplements to take you over the precipice that you’ve been teetering on.”



The 14 to Lean kit-available at Europa Sports Products-includes the supplements you need, complete day-by-day workouts and nutritional guidelines to follow, all in a box small enough to fit in any gym bag or backpack. Here’s a quick peak inside that box.



There are many different components at work in the 14 to Lean exercise program: both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and steady-state cardio to burn body fat; varying rep counts that will enhance muscle strength, power and endurance; an exercise menu that includes everything from traditional bodybuilding moves for muscle-building to dynamic jumps that will rev up the metabolism. But the one thing that won’t change during the two weeks is intensity.

“This program is all about keeping the intensity high,” says Peterson. “It’s about minimizing downtime to create that aerobic effect with the anaerobic work, and to not just bury you with steady-state cardio, which I think a lot of people do when they’re coming down the stretch to their goal date. There’s some cardio stuff in 14 to Lean-like on an off day take a 45-minute walk. But other than that, the steady-state cardio is 15 minutes, 30 minutes, that kind of stuff. It doesn’t dominate the program. The core tenant of the exercise program is amplified intensity.”

The most noticeable way Peterson ratchets up intensity is through his “clusters” (also known as circuits)-groups of resistance-training exercises that are performed consecutively with as little rest as possible. Every formal workout in the 14 to Lean program contains one cluster repeated multiple times, in addition to a warm-up and cardio finisher. Within a cluster, multiple muscle groups and movement patterns are interspersed, alternating between, say, a leg exercise, a back move and an explosive jump-and that’s only half of one cluster (Days 1 and 5 in Week 2).

“Some people call them circuits,” says Peterson. “I call them clusters, as in ‘cluster bomb,’ because this is just going to destroy you. [laughs] And when I say ‘destroy you,’ I mean that in a good way. Your metabolism will be through the roof because of the clusters as well as the HIIT cardio.”

14toLean Exercise and FocusOne of the hallmarks of a Peterson-designed program is his use of novel exercises. This is on full display in 14 to Lean. He includes the usual staples like squats, push-ups and pulldowns, but it’s the hybrid moves he typically creates himself-where he combines two distinct movements into one exercise-that truly put the “GPS” stamp on the workouts. For example: dumbbell reaching lunge, dumbbell squat curl and dumbbell side lunge with monkey row.

“I like what these types of exercises do from a metabolic standpoint,” says Peterson. “They’re efficacious for fat-burning while still servicing your muscle-building needs. Couple that training with a diet adequate in calories and protein, and you can be the muscle-building, fat-burning machine you want to be.”



What you put in your body is probably the most important part of any program, whether the primary goal is weight loss, general health or athletic performance. Exercise is a huge part of it too, but without proper nutrition not only will you fail to reach your weight loss goals (if that’s your objective), but you won’t be able to train as hard in the gym as you need to either. Nutrition affects all areas of your life, from bodyweight, to mood, to energy levels.

In 14 to Lean, Peterson doesn’t tell you exactly what to eat; he tells you how to eat. Proper nutrition doesn’t have to overwhelm you with the complexities of blood sugar levels and rigid macronutrient ratios. But following a handful of simple, doable guidelines-which you’ll find in the booklet of the 14 to Lean kit, as well as online at 14toLean.com-will be helpful for those already following a relatively clean diet and imperative for those who aren’t.

“With the 14 to Lean nutrition, I’m trying to do what I do with my clients,” says Peterson. “I don’t want to tell you to have broccoli if you hate broccoli. So I just tell you to have a green vegetable, and that could be spinach or kale. I’m not a meal-planner, so it’s easier for me to give you basic, more general guidelines, like avoid carbs at night and eat every 3-4 hours.”



Proper nutrition will cover nearly all the bases when it comes to nourishing your body and encouraging optimal function of all its complex systems, including those responsible for healthy weight loss. But for the extra edge that will help you burn those last few calories, supplements will take over. With 14 to Lean, you won’t be bombarded with countless pills to take throughout the day. Your supplement regimen will consist of only three products (explained in greater detail below) that collectively will stoke your fat-burning furnace for hours on end.

“We kept all the ingredients natural,” says Peterson, “and we kept them at a level where if you’re a newbie you can work up to them, but if you’re somebody who already takes supplements and is already on a training program, they’ll hit you right away. It’s like that old deodorant commercial: Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. That’s how I look at these supplements. Except that they work for both men and women!”

Supplement #1: Weight Management Energy Catalyst
As a general fat-burning, energy-boosting supplement, it’s tough to beat this product. Not only will it help directly in losing body fat, but it will also provide a pre-workout boost to help ensure your training sessions are as intense as Peterson intended. L-tyrosine is the most abundant ingredient here, and for good reason. It’s been shown over and over to increase energy levels, improve mental focus, reduce fatigue and help fat loss. Caffeine, another main ingredient, is a well known stimulant and fat-burner. It will help shed your most stubborn body fat and also enhance output in the gym.
Dose: On exercise days, take 3 capsules around 30 minutes prior to working out. On non-exercise days, take 3 capsules in the morning with food.

Supplement #2: PM Appetite Suppressant
Controlling your appetite is key to keeping calorie consumption in check, especially during times when you tend to graze on food like right before-or-after dinner. The chromium contained in this product has been shown to reduce carbohydrate cravings on top of its ability to enhance fat loss. Another active ingredient in the PM Appetite Suppressant is glucomannon, a water-soluble fiber that expands when taken with water to fill the stomach and increase satiety to discourage overeating. This effect also helps prevent insulin spikes, which is important when trying to lose body fat.
Dose: Take 3 capsules daily with at least 12 ounces of water right before your evening meal.

Supplement #3: Ultra-Lean Finishing Compound
This will help you put the finishing touches on your physique so that you look your absolute best immediately after completing 14 to Lean. Taken only on days 12-14, Ultra-Lean Finishing Compound is effective due to many active ingredients, including both Uva ursi and green tea leaf extracts. The former contains arbutin, a natural antibiotic that also provides a diuretic effect. Green tea extract is common in fat-burning products mainly because of the presence of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound that elicits a thermogenic effect in the body. Green tea is also present in the aforementioned Weight Management Energy Catalyst supplement.
Dose: On only the last three days of the 14 to Lean program, take 4 capsules twice daily with 16 ounces of water for the first two days, then 4 capsules once on the final day with eight ounces of water.

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